Manage part of your accounting with a suitable SaaS solution

Forget the double entry for the management of your accounting, the application TRADE.EASY generates your accounting export.

Export Accounting Trading

Accounting Export

The accounting export generated by TRADE.EASY frees you from double entry. All the events resulting from the management of your orders (quotes, customer invoices, supplier expenses...) prepare the accounting entries in a table that you can export. This saves you time and minimizes the risk of errors.

Secure your data

Consistency of data

Consistency between your management data and your accounting data is guaranteed.
In addition, in the TRADE.EASY tool, you set up the accounts of the chart of accounts developed by your accountant for your company.

Format Export Document

Export format

Practical, the accounting export format is compatible with all accounting software or solutions.

tax management

VAT management

TRADE. EASY manages the VAT or any other tax in force in your country.

A reliable and quick accounting export

Whether you have accounting software or outsource this task, you need to keep track of all your accounting operations. Among the many features of our saas solution, Accounting allows you to perform this task quickly and securely. 
To avoid any double capture, TRADE.EASY detects all transactions with an accounting impact in order to generate your accounting export. The latter, in addition to saving you considerable time, ensures the consistency and reliability of your data. The use of online software is also a cost advantage because of the automation of this process.

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