Manage and structure your import-export activity

Executives, managers, forget your files in excel format and keep a real time eye on your activity: order book (purchases / sales), margins, turnover, cash flow.

Follow your KPIs


With your online dashboard, you have all the cards in hand to secure your strategic decision-making. Choose the monitoring indicators that interest you: orders, margins, overall turnover, turnover per salesperson, cash flow, etc.

Trade management


You have access to the details of all orders. Check their degree of processing, status, and the float available. If a salesperson is absent, his or her files can be taken over in no time at all. You also have access to all commercial documents (proformas estimates, invoices).

Manage authorizations


Define the rights of your users and choose their authorizations according to their jobs. The authorization criteria concern menus, indicators and commands.

Manage your import-export activity with a management software

Acquiring a management toolis to choose a solution aimed at providing a good framework for the execution of daily tasks and to gain in productivity. Usually the management software provides an overall view of the activity in question. When it comes to software that covers several areas of your business, ideally commercial, logistical and financial operations for international trading companies, you have a cross-functional vision that reflects the "health" of your business. This vision is a real aid to strategic decision-making, and allows you to manage your entire business more easily.
Thanks to TRADE.EASY, import-export management softwareyou have this global vision. You define your monitoring indicators and you know the situation at each link of your activity. The productivity of your teams is measured, collaborative work is encouraged, and the reliability of shared information is ensured. TRADE.EASY also centralizes the data of your customers and suppliers, in order to offer you a synthetic view of the activity of each one.

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