A solution to manage your cash-flow

Anticipate and manage cash peaks and lows at best

Import your bank statements

Import Statements

With one click, import your account statements directly from your bank's website into the tool.

Easy Bank Reconciliation

Bank Reconciliation

Reconcile the lines on your account statements (postings for transactions, payments, and overhead) and manage reconciliation differences.

Forecast cash-flow


Track your company's actual and projected cash flows in real time and anticipate future downturns. Forget excel, the saas TRADE.EASY software concentrates all your data in the cash flow statement and allows you to manage your budget and liquidity in an optimised way.

accounting balance

Old balance

Throughout your accounting periods, anticipate receipts and disbursements over a chosen period using the aged balance. Track your billing and identify customers you need to follow-up on unpaid invoices. Renegotiate terms of payment with your customers and suppliers.

Money is the life force of any company in international trading

It is essential for trading companies to know their capabilities in terms of cash-flow,. Their real cash-flow of course, but also and above all their forecast cash-flow.
You must ensure the best possible management of your financial flows toimprove the profitability of your business And plan your financial strategy (equity, overdrafts, loans, discounts, etc.).
Your cash-flow, fluctuates continuously, following the pace of your purchase and sales. Your main goal is to be able to finance your supplies to meet customer demand.
The calculating of your cash-flow can be complicated because it must take into account the different payment conditions of your customers, but also your payment conditions towards your suppliers; it must also account the costs and expenses that you incur in the transport of goods (depending on the Incoterms purchase and sale), while taking into account your overhead costs.
Controlling, anticipating, speculating or hedging foreign exchange risks, following regulations to the nearest bank movements are essential points to which TRADE.EASY provides an answer in its system of cash-flow management.

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