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Logistical actions Checklist

Action tracking

Any order validated in the commercial management module, or in your usual system, feeds the checklist of actions to be processed by the logistics team, thus facilitating its planning, preparation and control of all the operations for which it is responsible. The information is therefore transmitted automatically by the system, and the risk of error is minimised.

Automate processes


The logistic processes of your supply chain are preconfigured in the application. Thus the formalities and the flow of actions to be carried out are set up in compliance with your rules. The planning of your tasks is made easier, your resources save precious time and the quality of your services is improved. Thanks to our solution, boost the productivity of your business!

Automatic editing of Customs documents


Automatically edit regulatory documents. The production of the Bill of Lading, the Packing List, the certificate of analysis... is done in your image. Customs and regulatory formalities are thus handled more simply!

CRM Trading

Customer care

Thanks to the automated customer follow-up, send emails to your customers from TRADE.EASY to inform them of the preparation and progress of their orders. Here too you save time while ensuring customer satisfaction.

A good logistical follow-up in international trade companies is essential.

Customer satisfaction and fluctuation of company expenses depend on it. Goods that remain stored at the port for example are expensive!
The logistical follow-upis to manage customs formalities, regulatory documents, deadlines, transport and insurance according to purchase and sale incoterms. In the documents to be managed, we find for example the bill of lading, the packing list of the products... Naturally, customers appreciate being informed about the progress of their orders. It is then essential to be able to give them reliable information in real time.
A management software quickly becomes necessary. The multiplicity of logistic actions makes it a complex business. A logistics software allows to automate flows and processes, to frame the planning and actions, to follow the progress of the orders by ensuring that deadlines are respected. The management of your logistics services is thus facilitated.
Thanks to TRADE.EASY, logistic actions are fuelled by the orders validated by the sales team. There care be no failures! The editing of a checklist of actions to be performed is based on your specific processes that will have been previously set. This list highlights the priorities that have to be dealt with in your logistical follow-upand alerts you to impending deadlines and possible delays. This way you always know where you stand. As at the level of salesThe production and editing of your documents is automatic, in your image, using the data entered in the solution. TRADE.EASY. You can find them in your document base. Finally, send emails directly from the tool to inform your customers about the progress of their orders. This minimizes the risk of error, while saving time and enhancing the quality image of your company.

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