Gain productivity in your sales management

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Reference Catalog


Choose the references or articles in your catalogue to create your orders. Your product references describe the product family, the associated partner, the type of container, the supplier reference, the country of departure, an EAN barcode, a photo...

CRM for Trading


Find your customers, suppliers, partners, carriers in your database. Contact person records describe general information up to terms of sale, payment and accounting information.

Export Accounting Trading


Simplify the calculation of your sales price! When you enter your order, the calculator helps you define your sales price based on the desired markup and taking into account your projected costs.

Controlled Sales Management


Keep visibility on the progress of your orders and the associated margin. Access a summary view of the activity of each customer and business partner (vendor, carrier, insurer, etc.). Master the management of your customer relationship.

Track your performance


Customize your tracking indicators such as the number of orders, the turnover of your company, the turnover of your team. This gives you a clear, real-time view of the status of your business.

Edit Your documents


Prepare your invoices proformas in less than 3 minutes, automatically edit your contracts, and send them by email from TRADE.EASY. You save valuable time and are assured of the reliability of the information transmitted.

Management of Incoterms


Integrate the Incoterms as soon as your orders are created to know your transport obligations. This information will also be useful for logistical follow-up once orders have been validated.

Create an order in a few clicks

The centralization of your data in TRADE.EASY allows you to create your order in 3 steps.


Define the terms of the request

The customer, the currency, the desired ETD and ETA dates, the Incoterm of sale, the terms of payment, the bank to be credited, the logistical aspects such as shipping time, the countries of departure and arrival, the delivery address.


Select your products

Select the goods, transport and services that make up your offer. Specify quantities, prices and Incoterms of purchase. A calculator will help you estimate your selling price to ensure you get the margin you want. You visualize in real time the global volume and the margin released.


Validate the order and generate your proforma

Once the order is complete, validate it and generate your proforma, customizing the information to be displayed if necessary. When you confirm the order, it will go directly to logistics with all the necessary data for its processing.

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Sales management is at the very heart of the trading activity

The international tradingis buying to better sell. It’s finding the best products at the best price to satisfy your customers’ needs.
The salesperson’s aim is to maximise his margins and to develop his order book.
As part of his negotiating process on a daily basis, the salesperson must manage orders, create proformas and invoices. According to his line(s) of business, the number of product references is greater or lesser.
Anyway, having a sales management software soon becomes indispensable. Order management must be optimized to save time for the sales team, but also to ensure the accuracy of the information transmitted to customers. Having a solution that gives you quick access to your product catalog and partner database is essential! Similarly, automating the editing of business documents, such as the proformas and invoices in PDF, is a real asset. Not only do the sales representatives save time, all issued documents are standardized and secure.
Finally, the wage of a salesperson is partly variable and linked to his results. It is therefore necessary to be able to monitor his work in terms of margin, turnover and order portfolio. Another reason why it is useful to install a sales management software. There is a multitude of software on the market, with TRADE.EASYdeveloped specifically for international trade, you will find all these advantages with a online business management !

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