Simply drive your international trading business

Executives, managers, keep an eye in real time on your order book, your margins, your turnover and your cash

Follow your KPIs


With your dashboard, you have all the cards in hand to secure your strategic decision making. Choose the tracking indicators you are interested in: orders, margins, total turnover, turnover by sales, cash...

Trade management


You have access to the details of all the orders. Check their level of progress, their status and the margin cleared. If a salesperson were to be absent, the resumption of his records can be assured in no time. Also access all commercial documents (proformas, invoices).

Manage authorizations


Define the rights of your users and choose their entitlements according to their trades. There are enabling criteria for menus, indicators, orders, activities, portfolios.

Monitoring your business with a management software

Acquiring a management tool means choosing a solution that will properly define the execution of daily tasks and gaining efficiency.
Usually a management software gives a comprehensive view of a specific business (sales, logistics, accounting etc.) When a software covers several lines of your business, you obtain a cross-functionnal vision that reflects the health of your company. This perspective is a great help in strategic decision-making, and enables you to monitor your entire business more easily.
Thanks to TRADE.EASY, import-export management software, you obtain this global view. You can customize your monitoring metrics and you know what the situation is at every link in your company. Your teams’ productivity is measured, collaborative work is favoured and reliability of shared information is ensured.

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Optimize productivity in your order management

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The logistics follow-up takes the lead to monitor actions

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Keep an eye on your actual and forecast cash-flow in real time

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Safely make your accounting easier with our export

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