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Manage your International Trading Business

Manage your business

Track your performance

Just get better

Make the right decisions

Make the right decisions

Increase your gross margin

Increase your gross margin

Secure your data

Secure your gross margin

Discover the right reasons to abandon your spreadsheets for the management of your activity

Choose an innovative solution to manage your international trading business

Find all the features you need every day

Controlled Sales Management

Sales management

You record your customer and supplier orders, monitor the margins generated, edit all your documents from the tool. All validated orders are placed directly in the logistics follow-up.

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Automate processes

Logistics follow-up

The configuration of your processes automatically generates a list of your logistical tasks to be carried out. You edit your documents and ensure customer follow-up on the progress of orders from the tool.

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Forecast cash-flow

Treasury management

You import your statements, score and perform your bank reconciliation in TRADE.EASY. The cash flow forecast is displayed in real time.

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Export Accounting Trading

Accounting Export

Your accounting export is automatically generated and frees you from double entry.

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Manage your International Trading Business

Global management

Choose your KPIs to track your activity from your dashboard.

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