In summary

The activities of an import service

You must meet the company's needs for the supply of products needed for its operations. Your role is to buy, at the right time and at the best price. You guarantee both quality and quantity by relying on suppliers who will meet deadlines. The challenges of your job are diverse: negotiation, rigorous monitoring and compliance with regulations relating to the international transport of goods.

Your needs for the management of your supplies

The performance of your international supplies depends, beyond the human qualities of your resources, on their ability to avoid breakdowns of goods and to ensure the arrival of products at the best price. The major stakes of your service: the regularity of your supplies and the respect of a quality standard. To achieve them, you need to automate your processes, structure the organisation and facilitate communication between your teams. Indeed, the implementation of well-defined workflows allow you to guide the work of your employees. Logistics management is at the heart of the import business and requires perfect coordination of actions, which are often complex on an international scale. Sharing information within your team and with your logistics partners is essential. Sharing access to data allows you to ensure the continuity of your company's activity in all circumstances.

Automate processes


Manage your International Trading Business


Logistical actions Checklist


CRM Trading


Track your performance


Find out how to become more efficient with TRADE.EASY

Our Answer for an efficient import service

A collaborative tool to structure and simplify the logistical management of your company's international supplies.

Creation and management of your orders

Interconnect your import and supply department with your suppliers' IS to benefit from automatic updates of logistics information. View price history and save time with duplicate orders. 

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Smart to-do list

Any order placed with your suppliers automatically involves the automatic addition of tasks to be processed by logistics according to the rules you will have defined. Planning, preparation and control of all operations are facilitated.

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Edit and follow regulatory documents. Bill of lading, packing list, certificate of origin, certificate of analysis, import licence, CGS... are centrally stored and accessible.

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Tracking of your orders

ETD, ETA, B/L number, boat name etc. are automatically updated by your suppliers. Geographical tracking is integrated with your tansitary platforms.

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Organize and process your activity

Gain in rigour of execution

Make work collaborative

Benefit from better service