In summary

Your activities in international trade

You source the best products to meet the demands of your customers. You manage, by the volume you trade, to get the best prices. Your financial partners allow you to offer your customers the best commercial conditions. The quality of your advice and service makes the difference. From commercial negotiation to the follow-up of logistic operations, through the control of your treasury, the activities of your import-export company are multiple and require rigour and organisation!

Your needs for the management of your trading activity

You must have the necessary means to structure your work processes and control the execution of your import/export operations. It is indeed essential to follow a continuous improvement approach of your processes in order to save more and more time and to be more competitive. To do this, the centralization and structuring of your company's data is essential. Access to this data must also be secure and intuitive for your team.
In addition, you must avoid disputes and remove obstacles at every stage of a transaction. This implies an in-depth knowledge of your customers and suppliers (terms of payment, deadlines, order history, etc.), clear and precise visibility of past, current and future operations and actions, and the ability to quickly edit commercial and regulatory documents.
A smooth flow of information between employees and with your customers is also essential: sharing knowledge within your team, easily informing your customers about the progress of their orders, these "small" things sometimes make a "big" difference.
Finally (and above all), it is necessary to have a global and precise vision of your company's activity in real time, for an easier decision making and a controlled management of your financial flows. Indeed, in international trading, cash flow is (along with people, of course) the heart of the strategy. Knowing your actual and forecast cash flow is fundamental to anticipate future peaks and troughs that may or may not allow you to sign future orders. Define your indicators and follow them scrupulously in order to promote your long-term growth.

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Manage your International Trading Business


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Our Answer for an optimized management of your international trading activity

An all-in-one solution to manage your business end-to-end, and improve the execution of your import-export operations.

Sales management

Create your orders, edit and send your proformas, view your margin and turnover, access customer and supplier information, consult your history.

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Logistics follow-up

Follow the actions of your automatic to-do list, instantly identify emergencies, edit and gather your documents (Bill of lading, LTA, packing list...) inform your customers on the progress.

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Cash flow monitoring

Connect your banks to TRADE.EASY, visualize in real time the level of your treasury, anticipate the lows, take your strategic decisions in full knowledge of the facts.

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Accounting Export

Improve your profitability by limiting your accounting costs. Create and close your fiscal years, free yourself from double entry, TRADE.EASY generates your postings.

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Analyze margin errors, monitor your aging scale, take advantage of a panel of indicators and the possible export of your data to analyze and control the activity of your trading company as a whole.

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Gain in rigour of execution

Save time and money

Make work collaborative

Offer a better service

Improve customer satisfaction

Benefit from a global vision