Innovative solution for the management
import-export activities

TRADE.EASY, the software that improves the management of your international orders

TRADE.EASY is a SaaS software specifically developed for monitoring international trade activities: import, export, back to back, international trading, logistics, purchasing...

Because for a trader, as for an industrialist or for internal procurement, if the trade sells for the first time, it is indeed the good logistic execution of the orders which makes it possible to collaborate on the long term!

Its features cover your various lines of business, from sales and order management to logistical follow-up and its formalities, monitoring your actual and forecast cash-flow, or even your accounting export. TRADE.EASY will quickly become a valuable ally for the global monitoring of your activity. Your data is centralized, secure and shared with your employees. Don’t wait any longer, choose a tailor-made solution and just become more efficient !

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They talk about us

On a daily basis, TRADE.EASY allows me to send PFIs faster, once the information has been recorded. My customers are then informed by the weekly follow-up and I can then devote myself to other tasks, such as visualizing my sales and results quickly and having an idea of my commissions. I can review current, pending and past orders quickly. All of this information is always available to help me prioritize.

Costa Bataille

Business Developer

By generalizing the use of TRADE.EASY on all of our customer files, we have managed to set up precise processes for each step of each of our transactions, right up to the financial management of the company. A rationalization of our action which allows us to take height and to bring our eyes towards a more strategic dimension.

Albane of AUBIGNY

Operations Manager

The automatic document editing functions prevent us from making mistakes with dates or formulas. Our standardized document productions and access to our databases allow us to be very efficient. The central database for all ordered references, clear product characteristics, supplier references opposite customer references, save us a considerable amount of time.

Astrid Bonnet

Sales and Logistics Coordinator

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